Why Tiktok Being Banned Everywhere 2020?


Google has alert by Cyber Security about those applications which steal the Facebook User Login with Data. After then, Google has removed those 22 applications from Google Play Store. Those Applications contains Malware which steal the Login Data of Facebook Users. Do you know, why TikTok being banned everywhere?

20 Million People already downloaded those 22 malware contained applications. Those applications were about Weather Information, Screenshot Editor, File Manager, Wallpaper Manager, Flash Light. Cyber Security has Alert the user, if you have installed those applications on your mobile phone, remove them. Today we’ll be discussing those applications which are popular around the youth of the world “TIKTOK”. If you guys were using this App, Read the Full Blog, What are the effect of this, How it works?

Why Tiktok Being Banned Everywhere 2020?


Few Month Ago, Due to the Fight between two country India and china about Border. The relation between the two countries is getting bad.  Due to the bad relationship between the two countries, both countries have to break the financial relation. To dominate China by India, India strictly acted to the financial act. Earlier India had Ban the 59 Application created by China. By showing the Security Issue on Those applications. India bans 69 Applications. China had claimed that India is going against the Pros and Cons of the World Trade Organization. By the decisions of the government, those people who are linked up with Application creation and Company were affected.

Banning this Application in India, ByteDance Company will be lost by Approx. 6 Billion US dollars.  American Foreign Minister had announced in the interview on FOX Television, this will be Banned in America.  America is thinking to ban the Chinese application with Tiktok. Due to the Earlier incident in Hong Kong, the new rules and regulations had claimed that the Application will be a ban in Hong Kong. Banning this Application, India has started the Financial War with China. Chinese Company Byte Dance has Invested 1 Billion US dollars in India. After Banning this Application in India, the Byte Dance company has claimed that they will lose approximately 6 Billion US dollars. Not only that, After Banning this application in India, Most of the employees of this Company will be Jobless where India People are targeted. According to the company, India has 2000 Employe are worked on the India-based Server of Tiktok. Although this application is not good, on Security Aspects. This Application had been claimed that this application had Steal the Confidential Data of iPhone Users. After the leak of Clipboard data of the user, this application had removed the clipboard features from Tiktok. Due to not using SSL Certificate on this application, Hackers had hacked the user’s confidential information and leaked it.  While Questioning on Security Issue of Tiktok, On Reddit Platform, One of the engineers had shared “How the Tiktok is misusing the information of users?” He requested the people, not to use TikTok and alert your family members not to use it. Tiktok used to save the related information on their Private Server like Smartphone Hardware related information eg. Processor Hardware id, Memory, Storage, Screen Size, etc. Every 30 Seconds, they Enable the GPS of the Phone and access the Location of Users. Access the IP address, Local IP Address, MAC Address, Wifi Portal Username, Password, etc.

Whether the Smartphone is Jailbroken or Rooted?

This App saves information about which applications were installed on Devices. Not all that, This app controls the features of the App by their server. This App automatically traces the people by allowing the user to update or download the latest features. Tiktok has decided whose video must be viral or not. Earlier, Tiktok didn’t allow to make viral of so-called fat people and so-called disabled people. The Engineers make the first video Viral, so a user can encourage them to upload more videos. So, this app has taken the small children and old people together in a list. Tiktok had features that they can directly message to the small children. Recently that features were removed by the App. Most of the Social Media Platform uses User data but comparing to Tiktok, Other Social Media Platform didn’t use too much data of the users.

Within a small time, this App has 800 Million users. In India, Tiktok users are around 120 Million users. After Banning the 59 Chinese Applications with Tiktok, Indian Application got profit. Earlier, Banning on Tiktok, the Indian Government has released the Indian Application “Chingari” which is an alternative of Tiktok. With 72 Hours, Chingari App was Downloaded by 5 Hundred Thousand in India. This is the Reason for why Tiktok Being Banned everywhere.

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