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Pubg is the Most popular game all over the world. Most of the people used to play Pubg all over the world. This game was inspired by Japnese Thriller movie “Battle Royale”. In this movie school force to join in the battle.

Today we’ll be discussing about the world popular game PUBG how this become most popular games all over the world.

The Inner Secret of Playing PUBG


In this game, 100 players jumped from the airplane by the uses of parachutes. The Player has to search for the arms and ammunition and have to kill each other unless a single-player alive at the end. This game was created by South Koran Video Company “ Blue Hole”. The title of this game was created by a South Korean company and Chinese Company “Tencent” mobile improvement with the name and more. In this game, 100 people can play at once. This is free of cost to play but to achieve new arms and dress the user must buy the coupons. This game was designed in such a way, as much as you play the game will become more interesting. When a user buys a coupon for arms and dress, this will help to makes the game interesting. This game different rooms and different steps. People from different places can play this game at once and stream at once together on the internet. This game can be played using a game console. The market rate of this game in 2019 is 16.9 Billion US Dollars. Among 16.9 Billion US Dollars, China had implemented a shared business of about 4.2 Billion US dollars. America in 2nd positions, Japan in 3rd position, Britain and South Korea in 4th Position of this game shared business. This company is growing in India too.

If we talked about gaming earning, they earned in a different way. The modal of earning from the game is Premium. First Entry Free later than premium in installment. The second modal is earning from characters, dress, arms, etc. the third modal is making the movie and ads related to the games. Usually, games are created by the inspiration of movies. Due to the popularity of movies, games will be helped by the popularity of movies. Combining and IOS & Android Download Count: Altogether, PUBG Mobile is Downloaded 734+ Million users Downloaded. All over the world, there are more than 100 million active users. This game is being the most profitable application.

Why PUBG Banned in India?

Due to the conflict between India and China, Pubg with 118 Application were banned on India. Earlier India banned the Tiktok with 59 other Chinese applications. Check out, Why Tiktok was banned in India? After banning PUBG in India, India launched FAU-G Application which is the alternative application of Pubg. Collaborating with Bollywood Actor, Akshay Kumar India is launching the alternative of PUBG. The company had announced that This FAU-G game will be launched at the end of October.

With the inspiration of the Japanese Movie “Battle Royal,” PUBG Game is more played by Indian peoples.  Within India only, PUBG was downloaded by 17 Million People where 7 million people are active in this game. Mostly this game is loved by Youth. After banning PUBG in India, debates appeared on social media. In 2019, the market rate of PUBG is 16.9 Billion US Dollars on All over the world. 4.10Millions US Dollar on 1st Position, in 2nd position America, on 3rd Japan than Britain and South Korea. In India, games are created rapidly. But there is only a 1 million market rate. During the lockdown, the number of active users of PUBG rapidly increased. Still, the creators of the Online game are placed in back positions. But due to the creation of the FAU-G game, the creator is popular. The creator has announced that 20% of the income of this will be contributed to the martyr family.

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