Why Android is Better than IOS in 2020


Hello Everyone it Shine Gyan. Back to the Blog, we had mentioned why IOS is far better than Android, you can search Blog Post on this Website where you’re reading this. Today we’ll be discussing how does Android is Better than IOS?

Why Android is Better than IOS in 2020?

As we compared to the Apple IOS. First we would like to mentioned how the Android is Better than the IOS are:



As we know or someone doesn’t know. Android is an Open Platform. They are based on JAVA. Currently Millions of Developers used the JAVA Programming Language. Side by side on Android the developer gets Freedom and access which helps them to create the custom ROM for Android. Think like it means, you can full control on android have access on phone. If you want to change the UI or Application you can make it. This thing is not available on IOS. This is the first benefit to use Android instead of IOS. Suppose, you’re searching for an Application on Playstore, you can’t find it. But you can surf the website and download the Application and install it on your device which is not available on IOS. Android is an independent platform. Why did this happen? Have you ever think about it? Generally, Android is based on JAVA which Java brings out the latest and exciting features. Java is the Programming Language that is updating rapidly. So, the android is being good day by day. I’ll tell you the interesting fact about is what features are seen on Android that features will be available on IOS after 2,3 years. So, Android is Better than IOS.



Sharing on Android is so simple and comfortable. Suppose when you visited somewhere you have captured lots of photos but you can’t share with your friends, it will share fast. When you connect your device with pc or laptop or mac, the file will share immediately but In IOS when you connect to your phone on PC Laptop or Mac it will act differently first you have to install iTunes on your system and have to synchronize your phone. On IOS Airdrop is the only option of Airdrop to share the file but In Android, we can connect OTG Cable, External Memory card, card reader, and Pendrive. This lots of options on android to share the files. sharing Aspect, Android is Better than IOS.


On IOS we can change only the Wallpaper. The customization is finished. On Android we can change the Icons, Wallpaper another interesting thing is you can install another launcher on your phone which gives a fresh feeling. While talking about the notification center, the notification center of Android Is much better than the notification center of IOS. On Customization Aspects, Android is Better than IOS.

Voice Assistant


On IOS we are provided with Siri for Voice Assistant which doesn’t understand the English correctly. Where we can find Google Assistant on Android which speaks and understand Hindi, Nepali Etc. You can install Google Application but Google is integrated with Google Assistant. You can command google assistant lots of tasks. Google Assistant search on Google and reply to the users. Google’s assistant is superior. You can remind google assistant. Suppose you’re saying google Assistant that you are keeping your Car key on Drawer. In case you forgot where you have put the car key and asked to google assistant where you had kept. Google Assistant reminds you that you had kept the car key in Drawer. This is a cool feature that makes our life dynamic. So, Android is Better than IOS.

Google Eco System

Google EcoSystem is superior all over the world in today’s time.  You sync your photos from IOS to Android with HD Quality and Unlimited Storage by Using Google Photo Application. If we talk about ICloud on IOS. iCloud Provides users only 5 GB of storage then you have to purchase the subscription for more storage on iCloud. When you lost your phone or you changed your phone you can access all the contents of an old phone like photos, contacts, messages, Call Log, etc. Google Drives Allow storing the Data of WhatsApp. So, Android is Better than IOS.



Let’s talk about the Applications of Android. If we visit the Play Store in Android their lots of options are available. There are lots of varieties of Applications. You’ll be tired but you can’t be finished watching all the applications. There are great things. On IOS, you can use only on IOS or Apple Devices likewise, Camera Applications. On Android, you can install all types of cameras on our android devices. Call recordings are not possible on IOS but Android. It is possible. Have ever imagined it? You can access the different types of applications and software. These are the benefits of using Android.  you can see the history of calculation on Android Calculator. So, Android is Better than IOS.

If you want a Good Camera Phone you can go with Google Pixels, For Gaming Go on with Asus ROG Phone, For budget goes with Poco M2 Phone. There is lots of Option according to your needs. On IOS, users don’t have lots of options. On Android According to the requirements, phones are available. So, Android is better than IOS.



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