Which is the Best Operating System: Windows, Mac, or Linux in 2020?


If you guys are thinking to buy the New Laptop but confused about which laptop should buy? Windows, Mac, or Linux. Today we going to tell you which is Best Operating System, Windows vs Mac Vs Linux?

On which aspects these are not good? These 3 operating systems are used by different people. Let talk.


Windows is the Operating system that is mostly used by the person all over the world. This is the best operating system for gamers. It is also known as gamins paradise. Most of the games are launched for the Windows operating system nor Mac operating system or Linux Operating System. It is easy to use. Does it need more skills to use windows?


No, Normal skills are needed. How is the security of Windows? Talking about the security of windows is not good. Comparing to the Mac OS and Linux OS, the security of Windows is not so good. You can install third-party software that protects from the virus. There are lots of viruses which are created only for windows. How much software available on Windows? There are lots of Software available. You can customize windows by installing the extra theme, you can customize its taskbar or frontend. It is used mostly because it is easy to use. A normal office user also can use it.


Mac is the Operating system by Apple Company. It is mostly available only for apple devices. In the Mac Operating System Lots of things are restricted. It is not open-source software. The software availability of Mac os is Decent. The security of Mac os is high and good. While comparing the security with Windows of Mac os is better. Due to a closed environment.


The Speed of Mac OS is better than Windows. It runs smoothly. If a user wants to work in a smooth and fast way, mac OS is the best operating system for the user. It can’t be customizable. It is expensive. Mac OS is not compatible with gamers. If you’re an old user you can use it very easily. If you’re a beginner you feel trouble every second.


Linux is the Open Source Operating System. Linux is also known as the legend of the operating system. No Need for stress forVirus in Linux OS. This OS is for the users who loved to type commands more than using Mouse. It means who love to do coding or who want to Fully customize their Operating system Because Linux Is an Opensource Software.


If you have Old PC or Laptop where the latest windows OS won’t operate properly. You can use Linux OS. It is very lightweight. The security of Linux is in Top.  It is not easy to use. The games are available more than the Mac OS in Linux.

Which is the Best among them?

You know the answer to it. What condition, a computer is required. On your requirement computer and Operating System is best for you. If you want to own gaming pc, Linux and Mac OS are not Best Operating System for you.  If you want to store private data, Windows and Mac os is not the best Operating System for you. The Privacy Policy and Security of Windows is not good. Linux OS is the best operating system for you. When a virus tries to enter your system, the virus can’t access the Root. Kali Linux is mostly used who modify security and create security. If you have a big budget but want to do a smooth and fast, Mac Operating System is the best operating system for you. If you want to buy a cheaper laptop or pc don’t issue with the security you can go with Windows OS.  These 3 Operating Systems are perfect in their own section. For what purpose you want the computer. I hope you got the answer



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