Which is the Best Blogging Platform in 2020?


Blogging is the process of sharing the information to all over the world through the internet.


Today we’ll be discussing what is blogging platforms and which is the best platform for blogging. How to share our information through the internet? If you’re interested in this topic. Read this blog completely. Let’s discuss, first we talk to discuss what is the blogging platform?

What are the blogging platform?

If you want to watch videos, you prefer to watch YouTube or surf the https://youtube.com. If you want to use Facebook you prefer to use Facebook app or surf to https://facebook.com. Like this way if you want to make bloggers if you want to import your content on the blog for that, you have to surf some platform or login into somewhere is called the blogging platform. Nowadays there are lots of blogging platforms available on the market. Like:

All of them, there two platforms which most important. That is Blogger and WordPress. In this post, we’ll be discussing these two topics. After reading this blog completely, you can have recognized which is the best platform to import the content on your blog.


Blogger is the Product of Google, as we use Gmail, YouTube for free blogger also free to use. If you create a blog on blogger. You can create it for free. Beside Blogger, there is WordPress which is only a content management system. You can take it as a consideration, WordPress is just a software using this you can add content, image, video on your blog. The content we upload on the blog; all the content has to store on web hosting. A user must purchase the Web Hosting separately.


What is web hosting?

Let us consider web hosting is placed on the internet where the content is stored. In Real-world we need a place or space to store the things or matter this is also the same as it. If you want to store content on the blog, space or place is need on the internet so it called web hosting.


In blogger, Web hosting is free Because Google provides us for free. WordPress is the only CMS (Content Management System) where Web Hosting is not provided. So, we have to purchase the Web hosting from the third party company to use WordPress which costs fees. So, Blogger is Free and WordPress is Paid.

Easiness and Simplicity

Blogger is a free platform so, we have been provided with fewer functions and features where a user can learn a very fast and easy way. When we talk about WordPress, WordPress is the Professionals Blogging Platform. WordPress Provides lots of features and functions where users will take time to learn the all features and functions.  Within 1 week a user can learn all the functions and features completely.

Themes & Plugins

If a user wants to design their blog, either you know coding or you can use the readymade template is called a theme. Blogger has a theme but it is not easy to customize it. The meaning of customizing is if you have a theme and you want to change the part ex. Fonts, color, height & weight, etc. of the theme are called customize. WordPress has a professional theme and can be easily customized. On1 click you can change the size font etc. You can insert the logo on the blog. Overall it means that you can create a professional blog using WordPress. Let’s talk about Plugins,  Plugins are the small software of WordPress.


If you want to add the new feature. Suppose you want to increase the loading speed of the page, you want to increase and decrease image size, etc. if you want to add any functionality, On WordPress we have lots of plugins. Consider yourself, you don’t need a piece of coding knowledge to create on WordPress, already ready plugins are available to create the professional blog. Besides WordPress, there a blogger where plugins don’t support any plugin. If you want to add any small things you have to know the coding knowledge.

SEO Friendly

If you want to rank your blogger on google or you want a user or audience check your blogs and read. To do this you have to do SEO. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. You have to create your blog, which is liked by google, and google shows up in the top positions of Google search results. For this, we have to do SEO our Blog. Whether you choose WordPress or Blogger as Platform. You have to do SEO yourself. On WordPress, we have SEO Plugins lIke Rankmath & Yoast SEO which helps us to do SEO in an easy way. If you talk about SEO Familier WordPress is the best option for you.


Blogger is Free platform of Google. This platform isgoven to you for free it doesn’t mean that you’re the owner of your blog. You’re not a owner of your blog. Google is the owner. Ownership is with the google. You’re just writing the content as a writer. Google own it. If you do illegal work or against the google. Google can delete your blog without your permission because you don’t have th ownership of your blog. On WordPress, You have the Ownership. You can create your blog on wordpress as you requirement or withoutanu restiriction.



Talking on security aspects, bloggers have more security than WordPress Because it is the product of google. Google secures itself. On WordPress, WordPress as your blogging platform where you have to secure yourself. So, we have to purchase the best web hosting and the best security plugin. In this way we secure our WordPress blog. You can backup your blog from time to time. If someday misbehave with your blog you can easily restore.


Earning depends on your content and blogging strategy. You use both of them. You can earn from both blogging platform. Either you want to add Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. You do both google AdSense and affiliate marketing. If you’re stressing about the blogging platform for earning. You can use any of them.

Which platform you have to choose blogging?

If you’re a hobby blog, just for your interest you want to write a blog, you can starts from blogger. Blogger will be your best platform because it is easy to use and it doesn’t need any technical knowledge requirements. If you’re taking blogging as a carrier, want to earn from blogging, just start with WordPress. You can create good, high-profile, SEO-friendly blogs on WordPress. Recommend you, if you have a budget and full-time blogger and want to make a professional blog, so you can starts with WordPress. I hope you got the answer. which is the blogging platform that is best for you.

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