What are Backlinks? Types of Backlinks


While talking about Blogger or website, the important role in SEO.  The main role of ranking your website in high ranking of Google Search, they are Backlink. What is Backlink and How many types of Backlink are there? Today we’ll be talking about what are backlinks and how does it work? How can we get profit from this?


What are Backlinks?

On our website, whether it is Blogger based or WordPress based Backlinks works similarly. Let’s talk about Blogger Based website. When visitors visited a certain website and clicked on the link and redirect to your website. This is one type of Backlinks that your websites with another website or your website have another website link. They’re Backlinks. And How does it works and how many types of backlinks are there?


Generally, Backlink is categorized into 2 types. Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks. While discussing Backlink, Link Juice has a role in this.

What is Link Juice?

When a  website has a link that redirects to the homepage of your website or redirects to the articles of your website. Search Engine passes to the Link Juice. So the visitors/users follow the link and visit your website which helps to increase the visitor of your website and increase the domain authority of your website.

What are Low-Quality links and High-Quality links?

When a visitor visits your website through the website which Search Engines don’t have value like the Gambling website, Adult Content Website, etc useless website. They are Low-Quality link. When a visitor visits your website through which is Popular, Old, and have high Domain Authority, like Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, medium, etc have the important value on the search engine. They are High-Quality link.

Be sure you must generate a High-Quality link to rank on Search Engine. When you generate the low-quality link Google may not rank your website or maybe google ban your website. When a website owner generates the Backlink, they must generate a quality Backlink. What is quality Backlink?

What is Quality Backlinks?


Suppose, your website is fashion-related and you linked the website related to cooking. When visitors visit your website and clicked on a link redirect to the other category website they are not called the Quality Backlink. High-Quality Backlink is when visitors visit the fashion-related website and clicked on the link redirect to the only on fashion Related website. They are Quality Backlink. This helps to website rank in Search Engine.

What is Internal Backlinks?

Suppose, When a website owner or content writer post fashion related article on their website and have more 4 articles related to the fashion that another article is linked with each other they are called Internal Backlink. This helps the website to rank in search engines.

What are Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks?

Dofollow Backlinks: Dofollow Backlink is an important Backlink for your website to rank in Search Engines. Follow Backlink are the way for the visitor to visit from one website to another website and helps to pass the Link Juice. Suppose, when we’re writing the article on our website and linked to the Wikipedia article website, this means we provided the Dofollow Backlink to Wikipedia. Generally, when a high Domain authority website linked your website article on their website, you’re getting the Dofollow Backlink from them. This means when visitors visit that high domain Authority website and click on the Backlink which is linked to your website and visit on your website they’re called Dofollow Backlink. So, we must generate a Dofollow Backlink for our website to rank on the Search Engine.

Nofollow Backlinks: When a visitor visits your website and won’t pass to the Link Juice in Searching.  This means Suppose you’re creating both backlinks Dofollow and Nofollow. Visitors visit your website with Dofollow Backlink and Nofollow Backlink, but won’t get the value on the search engine.

Hope you got the idea of Backlinks and types of backlinks and the roles of backlink on search engine.

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