Water Found on Mars, is there Life Possible?


A Student who has been Nasa as an Internship. He Discovers a New Planet within 3 days. Earlier, the Italian National Institute for Astro Physics researcher found water on Mars. Today we’ll be discussing this topic. “Water Found on Mars, is there life possible?

17 years Old Boy Found the New Planet


Wolf Cukier who is 17 years old discovers a new planet. He has been working at NASA as an internship. He discovers the new planet on 3rd day of his work while he was looking at the footage of space captured by the Earth satellite. He Saw a unique matter in Pictures. That matter was located on 1300 Light Year far from the earth. This news was published at end of 2019 A.D by NASA. Cukier’s work there for 2 months. He had shared the experience through  Radio and television. He was working on Nasa when the school has given the vacation holiday. His work is to find the Planet which is far from the Light of the sun on Nasa. While he was looking at the photos by Earth Satellite, he was searching for the planet who revolve around a star. He works is to see changes in the brightness of the stars. Because when the light of the stars was less dim when the shadow of the planet. On 3rd day of working, he found the two starlights were dim by something. He is shown to his professor. At another time the brightness of the star was dim, they were researching maybe that was the planet. On his discover other scientists were encouraged. After research, it was defined that the planet was 6.9 bigger than the Earth. That planet was named TOI 1338 B.   That planet is not normal. TOI 1338 Revolve two stars. On that planet, sunset for two times. But life is not possible on that planet because that planet is warmer.

Record on Walking on Space


NASA’s Astronaut Christina Koch & Jessica Meir together take out from the space ship and walk and record on Space Walk. They repaired one of the parts of the International Space Station ISS. While repairing they have come out from the space ship. They spent 7 hours outside the space ship. They are the first female who walked in space. According to NASA, Christina Koch has come out from space ship for 4 times but Jessica Meir came out from the space ship for the first time. American President “Donald Trump” had also congratulated them on Virtual Video Conference. Donald Trump had said them Brave, Talented.  They changed the Battery Charge Discharge Unit then they come back taking the damaged parts of the International Space Station ISS.

Water Found on Mars


Italian National Institute for Astrophysics researchers found the Liquid form of Matter. They found the Liquid form of matter in the Southern Part of Mars. They’re around 20 Kilo Meter wide.  Before this research, they found that sometimes the water flew for sometimes. This is the first where the water was stored for the permanent on mars. The Robot found that the land of mars used to have water after researching. The Head of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics “Roberto Orosei” has claimed that this not the huge size of the lake. Roberto Orosei is the principal investigator of the MARSIS radar. He was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Studied at the University of Bologna, and Did a P.H.D degree from the University of Rome. Even the water found on mars, it doesn’t mean that life is possible on Mars. Whether life is possible on mars or not scientists are researching the lower part of the mars. I hope, you guys know about it.

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