Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World


Do you ever think, On Sea’s, there is more than 30,000 type of Fish available? Their habitation is different and Unique. Most people may be thinking that fish is just a type of food. Be aware all the types of fish are not a type of food. maybe they are Dangerous fish.


There are some fishes which are peoples are food for them. There are some fishes which you can’t touch. When you tried to touch them, you’ll die immediately. Maybe you have heard about the Great white shark which attacks human beings which is dangerous fish in the world. Read this full article, I’ll tell you about more dangerous fish than the Great White Shark.

Wels Catfish


Wels catfish also are known as set fish. This fish is in big size. These fishes are found in Kazakhstan, China, South Greece, Turkey, Baltic Sea, Black Sea & Caspian Sea. These fish are around 5m long and 150 kilograms. They can survive up to 80 years. They live on a hot pond & River. They eat frogs and other water animals. Wels Catfish is the attacker’s fish. They have sharp teeth. They can attack human beings. Their sharp teeth are dangerous to Human beings. Wel catfish is one of the dangerous fish in the world.

Candiru fish


Candiru Fish is not only dangerous fish, they are poisonous too. These fish are found in the Amazon River. They are known as the small devil. They are also known as Pencil fish, Toothpick fish & Vampire Teeth. They are small, so they attack human beings and enter the human body which kills human beings. Candiru fish is one of the Dangerous fish in the world.

Electric Ray Fish


Electric Ray Fish is the Electric dangerous Fish. These fish produce 8 volts to 820 volts of Electric charge. This electric charge depends upon for self-defense or attack. These fish have a kidney shape organ that produces the electric charge. They use the electric charge to attack the other animal for food. They have a flat body that lives inside the mud of the sea. Electric Ray Fish is one of the dangerous fish in the world.

Lion Fish


Lion Fish are found in the Indo Pacific Sea & Atlantic Ocean. They are white, red,& Black in color. They are also known as Zebra Fish, FireFish, Turkey Fish, Tasty Fish & Butterfly Cord. They are around 5 centimeters to 45 centimeters and 1.9 kilograms in weight. They have pectoral fins and poisonous spines. They are dangerous to human beings and other animals. When it bites, human beings and other animals feel pain & difficulty breathing. Sometimes, human beings can die.  Lions Fish is one of the Dangerous fish in the world.

Puffer Fish

Pufferfish look beautiful but they are poisonous. They are found in Japan, China, the Philippines, and Mexico. Their life span is 10 years. They have a poisonous chemical on their body which is more poisonous than cyanide which makes human beings or other animals paralyzed.  Puffer Fish is a Dangerous fish in the world.

Electric Eel


Electric Eel is found on Amazon & Arino River. They are around 2 meters long and 20 kilograms in weight. This fish release electricity like Electric Ray Fish. They release 600 volts of electricity to other animals. Their electric charge so much dangerous which helps people to die by Heart Attack. Electric Eel is a Dangerous fish in the world.

Piranha Fish


Piranha Fish are found in Freshwater. They are Freshwater killer fish. They are popular for their sharp teeth. They live in the southern America river. They attack In group. They attack bigger animals. A hungry piranha Fish attack human beings too. Attacking Peoples on Amazon is a normal thing for piranha fish.  Piranha Fish is a Dangerous fish in the world.

Box Jellyfish


Box Jellyfish are found in Asia, Japan, California, New Zealand, Australia seas. They are transparent. They can swim 7.4 km/hour in water.  It is difficult to see in the water. Box Jellyfish produces poison which helps to stop work by heart. They kill human beings. Around 100 peoples are attacked by Box Jellyfish. Box Jellyfish is a Dangerous fish in the world.

Bull Shark


Bull Shark also is known as the Zambezi shark. These sharks are dangerous. These shark fish are found in Brazil, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, India, Vietnam, Philippines & Australia. They are fast and attacker fish. Comparison to the other shark, bull shark attack human beings. This shark used to eat tortoise, Dolphins, and other fish. The bull shark is a dangerous fish in the world.

Stone Fish


Stonefish are dangerous to fish in comparison to the other fish. These fish have sharp needles that are dangerous. They produce the neurotoxin chemical which helps human beings to die. They are 14 inches to 20 inches long. They seem like stone. They produce the chemical as much as the pressure applied to them. When human beings walk through them, they have to cut out the leg too. Stonefish poison makes human beings paralyzed. If human beings didn’t get the treatment that human beings will die within 22 hours to 30 hours.  Stone Fish is a Dangerous fish in the world.

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