Top 6 Major Things to Know Before Buying the Laptop


Hello everyone, welcome to the blog. Today we’ll talk over Laptop buying tips or major things to know before buying the laptop. When you buy a Laptop via the Online market or Offline Market you have to know some major things before buying. I hope this blog will help you lots. So, you can buy a laptop online or offline without any equivocation.


The first thing if you’re using the laptop for casual work such as watching movies, listening to songs, documentation work, etc. you can use a normal laptop. If you’re using the laptop for programming purposes, Application development, software development, Graphics designing purpose or video editing (Post Production) purpose, Gaming Purpose. You have to buy a laptop which is high end or high configuration laptop. What are the major things to know before buying the laptop? Let’s discuss this.



The main important thing is the Processor. Before buying the laptop you have to care about the processor. Maybe you have imagined, which is the best processor? While searching the laptop on market you’ll find the laptop having i3 Processor, i5 Processor, i7 Processor, i9 Processor. As per the i-generation increased the processor will be best. The intel & Pentium processors are getting old nowadays. Those processors are old which is not good at this time. They are outdated. Better not to use them. Better to use a higher than i5 Processor. If you want to use less configuration you go with i3 Processor. But using an i3 processor is the best option to use in casual work. If you want to use stability functional laptop go with an i5 or higher than an i5 Processor. Let me know you, i5 processor has a different generation. Such as the 5th Generation, 7th Generation. On i7 Processor, they have also different generations. If you have an i5 Processor with 7th Generation and i7 Processor 1st generation in this comparison, i5 processor 7th generation is the good one. I hope you got this is the first major thing to know before buying the laptop.

RAM (Random Access Memory)


RAM Stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is the temporary memory where your file store temporarily. The task your performing on a computer without saving, those all file will be stored on RAM. Such as, you’re typing on something on Microsoft office without saving, those characters you recently typed will be visible after a long time if it was not erased. Those characters are stored on RAM. As your RAM Capacity is high, it performs nicely. It gives a good performance. Maybe you have how much capacity of RAM should you use? recommend you use 2 GB RAM if you’re using for casual work like watching movies, documentation, surfing the internet, etc. if you’re using for software development, application development, gaming, video editing, etc recommend you to go with 8GB or higher than 8 GB. You upgrade RAM as much as you can.  I hope you got this is the second major thing to know before buying the laptop.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid Disk Drive)


Hard Disk & SSD are the Storage device where you can store the file and information permanently. You can access data & Information after many years that you stores on Hard disk or SSD. Generally, when you buy the laptop, the laptop has 500 GB or 1 TB of Harddisk or you can upgrade it. Nowadays if you’re using 1 TB of Harddisk, it will be sufficient to store the files. Nowadays SSD is released and is getting popular day by day because it is faster than Harddisk. It is the latest version of Harddisk. When you use SSD instead of a hard disk, you won’t listen to the noise from the laptop. IN Some laptop, you can install both SSD & Harddisk. Comparison to the Harddisk SSD is Expensive. I personally recommend you to install 256 GB of SSD, 1 TB of Hard Disk & 8 GB or higher than 8GB of RAM. Another recommendation is to install the operating system on SSD and store other files in Harddisk. When you install SSD on your laptop, your pc will boot up a fast comparison to when the only Harddisk was installed. I hope you got this is the third major thing to know before buying the laptop.

Graphics Card


If you use a laptop for gaming, graphics designing, and Video editing you have to install a Graphics card. This card is developed for gamers or gaming purposes. It has different processors and works differently. Better you to use 2GB of Graphics or higher than 2GB. I hope you got this is the fourth major things to know before buying the laptop. Recommend you use NVIDIA Graphics Card.

Display (Screen)


These things are important to see before buying the Laptop. These important things are related to performance. Now we will talk about Display. If you want to do multiple tasks better you to use 16.7 Inches Laptop. This will help you to do video editing. If you saw the photo of your screen this means the screen of the laptop is not good. It means you should not be reflected on the laptop screen when the laptop is turned off. I hope you got this is the Sixth major things to know before buying a laptop.


Before buying a laptop we have to care about battery performance. Generally, a laptop battery gives 7-8 hours backup. Buy the laptop according to your requirements. I hope you got this is the Seventh major things to know before buying a laptop.

Technically you have to care about these major things before buying a laptop. When buying the new laptop you have to know about Processor, RAM, Harddisk/ SSD & Graphics Card. You can access which things and how much capacity is installed on the laptop from my Computer. These are the major things to know before buying a laptop.

To see System Configuration of laptop Follow these steps:

Method 1: Click Right on This PC (My Computer) >> Go to Properties.

Method 2: Click on Search >> Type “System Information” >> Click Enter.

If you are ordering the laptop Via Online, recommend you handover the seal pack laptop only. This helps you to get a genuine product. Recommend you to follow the tips that mention above.

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