Accepted Technology in Nepal 2020


There are 193 Total Countries all over the world. Different country has its own technology. Like other countries, there is also Technology in Nepal. We gonna tell you the Technology in Nepal. How Nepalese people use technology for their daily basis.

Accepted Technology in Nepal 2020

Nepal is a small landlocked country. Landlock means the country which surrounded by country or land or which is not surrounded by Sea or Oceans. Nepal is not a big country or a developed country. It’s a developing and small country. Let’s talk in Nepal when technology or I.T (Information Technology) was invented. The technology was not invented earlier, Technology was invented late. Technology company uses Nepalese? In Nepal there is 2 company:

  • Nepal Telecom
  • Ncell

Nepal Telecom


Nepal telecom is government company which provides the broadband, 2G, 3G, 4G and Tele Connection.



Ncell is big Private Company which provides same like the Nepal Telecom.

These two company which work for Nepal. Nowadays there are lots of Internet service providers who provided internet service as a Fiber Connection. Such as Worldlink, Techminds, Classic Tech, Subisu. While talking about Internet Aspects, The internet in Nepal is Expensive compared to other countries. The Average Speed of internet in Nepal is 20 MBPS where the fastest internet in the world is 85 MBPS in Taiwan. The fast Internet is not provided to Nepalese Citizens. While talking about technology in Nepal, we should not forget about Mahabir Pun.

Who is Mahabir Pun?


Mahabir Pun is a Nepalese Teacher, Entrepreneur, and he is also known as the father of the internet in Nepal. So why? Has he Createdechn the Wireless technology or is he bring out the 3G, 4G? what he had done? Nepal is a country that has lots of mountains which is not possible to transmit data and information through wireless even not possible to approach wired connection. He Provides the Internet or connectivity to the people of the small villages to connect to the all over the people where electricity is not possible using solar panels. Nepal is not a big country which has lots of Budget. Nepal is a small country with having a low budget and full of corrupt government employees.  He was also known as Hall of Fame. He was awarded many prizes for his work.

In Nepal, there are 18 years of kid Called Milan Karki. He invented new things. One day he was reading the Stephen Hawking Books, he recognized that the hair of humans can be converted into Solar Panel. He read that while rubbing to the hair, static electricity generated. For a practical, take a plastic scale or rural then rub to the hair and take the scale toward a small piece of paper, it attracts the pieces of paper toward the rural.


That static electricity is a substance which is also known as Computing Static Electricity which converts into a conductor when the sunlight ray falls to it. That means it can replace silicon. You guys know, silicon is used in solar panels or solar cells. Milan Karki was researching from the earlier on renewable energy. He used human hair and invented 12 volts of electric energy. Electric Energy was invented from human hair which is very cheaper.

Let’s talk about another technology in Nepal is Social Media. 95% of the people of Nepal use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Whatsapp as social media. Telegram also used by certain people in Nepal. In 2019, 18+ Content was Banned by The Nepal Telecom Authority. 18+ Content is not allowed to watch freely. The military technology of Nepal also not so good.

If we talked about banking, Nepalese do cheque System and QR Code Scanning, mobile Banking and ATM for the fund withdrawal.  These are the Technology in Nepal. These are the Technology Available In Nepal.



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