Role of DNS in the ’20s | Best Understanding Working of DNS|


If you’re using the internet, why you have known about DNS? By DNS Spoofing hacking activities can be done.


What is DNS?

DNS Stands for Domain Name System or Domain Name Server or Domain Name Service. Let begin with the basics, what is Domain Name Server? The computer network and internet which we are using are automatically connected with each other. This blog you’re reading is connected with the servers.  You’re connected with your ISP’s. Everything is connected. The computer all over the world connected to the internet is connected with each other where the computer network formed. The computer connected to the internet or mobile connected to another mobile connected by IP Address.

What is IP address?

IP Address is the logical address formed by the number. Suppose you have to connect with your friends or relatives using the phone number. When you call your friend just by pressing the unique number or on his number. That number is a unique number that is given for a particular person. Like every computer is assigned by a unique number. When transmission happens or communicates the transmission completed with the IP Address. We people are just pressing nobody known what is even your computer doesn’t know what is when you entered on the URL box that Domain Name Server says the IP address of and connected your system with without an IP address, you can’t connect to any website or surf the website. On our human ability, we remember the name so fast but can’t remember the number so fast.

On our contact list of mobile, we have saved the phone number by name and dial. On this method, the Domain Name Server was created. When you visit the website, mug up the name of the website. So when you want to visit just type the name. Now it’s the responsibility of the Domain Name Server to when a user enters the name, Domain Name Server resolves the IP Address load the website that users have searched and competition of communications. If a user knew the IP address of the website, they can easily enter the IP address and load the website. Most of the users are known by the name, not the IP address.


When you go to the network setting of the computer. IPv4 asked the sub-net mask etc. at last the computer network asked DNS Server IP Address. You can enter it manually if have created your own. If you have taken the connection from the ISP, its responsibility to update the DNS Server IP Address. Different ISP’s has created its own DNS Server. When a website doesn’t lead for the first time. The ISP Didn’t update the DNS IP Address. Google also had created their own Domain Name Server, they offer users if a won’t load you can use their DNS to load the website. Suppose, you have created the website and Server and you linked them. You Updated all the DNS. This your website, if somebody asked the domain send this IP. Let consider, the server down and need to change the server or need to change the hosting. As a result, your IP Changed. All over the world, there are lots of DNS Server, they also need to update.

When you update the server or IP of the website, you have to wait 24 to 48 hours to load the website because all the DNS servers of the world need to update themselves. When someone searches the Shine Gyan by entering “” that server connects to the new IP. Suppose you visited the new website, DNS Sends the IP on your system and your system also store that IP. Next when you load the website, first they extract the IP From your system. At mid, the website changes the IP or server you are connected with the old IP. After the expiration of IP, the system requests the new IP to the DNS Server. These are the role of DNS. DNS Resolve all domains into IP addresses. Whole the computer network work only on the IP. Without IP a mobile or computer can’t be connected and communicate with each other. To make it, the people don’t need to remember the IP, remember the Name of the website. DNS Was Created. When you search the website, DNS bring out the IP of the website and connect.    


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