Top 6 Reasons to Invest in the Nepali Share Market

Hello Everyone, it’s Shine Gyan, welcoming you back where knowledge and idea can begin without end. Today we’ll be talking about the Current trending topic, “Nepali Share Market”. Most People say “share market” is the place or platform where a person can earn money in a short period of time. Yes, I can say it is true.


Due to the current situation by the Corona cases and lockdown share market in Nepal, the craze is hipping days by day. The business of Nepalese people is totally stopped. So the person takes out the remedy to earn money from the Share market just by sitting at home. Most people don’t have an idea of the share market. So, for them, I am writing this article to share my knowledge about the share market in Nepal. I have experience in the share market since 2018 A.D. Today I will say why to invest in Nepali Share Market. If you don’t know What it is, Share? Please, it’s a humble Request to Check out my Previous Article. Now let’s say why invest in the Nepali Share Market?

Top 6 Reasons to Invest on Nepali Share Market?

You can Enter the Share market with Less amount of Money

Only in Nepal, in fac,t where ever you are, why should we invest in the share market? This is important. Before you invest in something be sure, you’re clarified about that. You’ll be confident about investing in future time. So it would be best if you were clarified. With confidence in future time, you’ll get phosphorous life. It is related to taxes, human wealth.

When established a company, a huge amount of wealth is required—at least 1 million minimum. You can be a part of the company with a small investment in an established company on the share market. You can get a large amount of money or a small amount of money that depends upon you. Obviously, you’ll try to earn a large amount of money. On the share market, whether you earn less or more, you can invest. It doesn’t matter. According to your capacity, you invest in the Share market. Minimum if you have Rs. 1000 you can invest through IPO. You can enter the Share market. You can invest Rs. 1000 to an unlimited amount of money. This is an interesting big point you can enter the share market with less money. I suggest you go through the first primary market then the secondary market. With less amount of money, a person can enter the share market, i.e. Nepali Share market.

You can be Share Holder of Established Company and diversify your investment

Can you establish a Bank? How much capital (money) required to establish a bank? There are various terms and Laws which you have to follow. But a bank which is already established, you can be the part of the established company? How? My answer is buying the share of the bank, which is already established. If you still don’t understand, you can check out my previous article. You can buy the shares of Bank, Insurance Company, Hydropower hotel, Microfinance, Manufacturing Company. This company is not possible to established by the normal people. But the possibility is that if you like that company after researching that company, How much the company is earning, what is the company’s condition. You can be a part of the profit of that company. To be a part of the share, you must go to Share MarketNepal. You can be the shareholder of the bank, microfinance, hydropower, etc. You can Diversify your investment in Multiple sectors. This is a good point, Why invest in Nepali Share Market.

Easy Buy & Sell

The advantage of the Nepali Share Market is when you buy the shares of the company that will not be so easy to sell the shares to the company. Suppose you buy the house and think how much time it takes to sell again? We can’t be sure it will be sell or not. But in the Nepali Share market, “Easy Buy & Easy Sell”. Within 4-5 or a maximum of 1 week, you can receive you’re sold share. The maximum you’ll receive the money in your bank account. It means quick in &  Quick Out. In this business there no any restrictions and difficult to do. Buying & Selling is convenient, easy & Safe as much as People enter the Market, no need to worry about that. You’ll earn as much as according to your capacity. On Share Market, there is no kind of competition.

Source of Secondary Income

You don’t need to leave your job and invest in this market. You can take it as a secondary income as well as a primary income. You can do your job side by side can do Bussiness on Share Market. When you invest in the share market, think that you’re investing in a certain company, and that company will give you a return. Before buying a company share, I recommend you analyze the Company fundamentals, likewise EPS, PE Ratio, Netfprofi, Liabilities, reserves, Assets, etc. You can check out on a different website like merolagani, share Sansar, Nepali Paisa, Smart wealth Pro, etc. Let us consider, Your salary is Rs. 50,000, and you want to invest a share market investment on a certain amount of money. Side-by-side, you have to figure out the home or other expenses. It can be another source. Now you can think how it can be? Let me know you, suppose you like the company giving the Good Dividend/Bonus every Year. You’ll get the every year Cash dividend or Bonus Share. With the dividend, you can take out the expenses of Festivals. The life insurance premium is the secondary income source without affecting the primary income, time, and job.


Tax Saving

All over the world, why people invest in the share market. Let me know you. Most people invest in the share market for saving the taxes. To prevent money from tax, people used to invest in the share market. In our country Nepal, the Tax Benefit is when you open or don’t open the company you have to pay the 25% Tax. For the money you earned from the share market, you have to pay only 5% of tax. It means you’re saving 20% of tax. On every profit from the share market, you’re saving 20% of tax. You have to pay only 5% of the tax, which is an outstanding benefit. When you establish the company and earn, you have to pay the 25% corporate tax.  So. Nepali Share market is the way to save the tax legally and helps you to get rich very fast.

Share can be used as collateral

Share is the Financial Instrument. When you need money urgently, you can sell the company’s shares and receive the physical money for your requirements. Another remedy is you don’t have to sell; you can take the loan from the bank just showing the shares of the company. You can show your share to the bank as assets or collateral. You may be the name of the warren buffet. He invested for 11 years. Now he is also known as the king of the share market. One of the richest people in the world. His net worth is heavy.

Now, you may be well known about why to invest in the Nepali Share market. There are lots of advantages of investing in the Nepali Share market. Those points which are mentioned above are the most important. I think this article is beneficial to you.


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