New ICCID Code – Updated 2021


ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. ICCID CODE stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier CODE. Every Sim Card consists of a unique serial number. ICCID codes store in the SIM card. ICCID is also known as the Primary Account Number of SIM Card.


Mostly nowadays Fake ICCID codes are used on the iPhone. If you’re iPhone has not supported a sim card anymore. we have a solution to that by inserting Sim and the sim chip which is cheaper than the factory unlock. when we migrated from one country to another country, the sim we purchased from the migrated country doesn’t support by iPhone. It means your Carrier of your IOS Devices is Locked. So, we have a simple trick to follow. After following these steps you can use the Sim card of the migrated country by using Latest ICCID Code & it is usually changed in a certain period of time. Today, we’ll know the process to bypass the sim not supported fix. Follow these steps:




Here is the Steps to Unlock your Carrier of your IOS Devices.

  1. Upgrade your IOS Devices to the latest firmware (version).
  2. Insert your Sim Card with R-Chip. [Be Sure you have the latest R-SIM]
  3. Pop-up will be displayed after inserting.
  4. Select “ICCID MODE”.
  5. Enter the “ICCID CODE”.
  6. Click on “SEND”.
  7. Turn off your IOS Devices for 5 minutes long.
  8. Then Power on.

Congratulation your Apple Carrier is successfully Unlocked or you have fixed your “Sim Not Supported” Problem.

Important Notice

  • Never replace your Sim Card.
  • Never Reset your IOS of your Apple Devices.

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