Why The New Games Run Only on High-End Computers?


Nowadays the games are releasing with a high storage capacity of around 80 GB, 100GB. A normal person even can’t think to play it, not a person who has a High-End PC who has a medium-quality computer. Those people can’t think to play it. They asked themselves why the new games run only on High-End Computers?

Recently a new game announced to launched Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The Trailer of this game is realistic. You can check the trailer. It looks like, this is not the game trailer seems it’s a real fight.

Why The New Games Run Only on High-End Computers?

If we flashback to 10 years. Games are launched which is run in a high-end computer and a decent computer. When you reduce the resolution of that game, that games run smoothly. No dought, the quality of that game is low. Nowadays the game with high-end capacity, you can decrease with the limit. So, On the medium or decent computer, those New games won’t run maybe it won’t be installed. Why does it happen? Why new games run only on a High-End Computer?

Those who buy an expensive computer can buy expensive games too. Those who have a high-end pc, they won’t hesitate to buy the high-end game. People from middle-class families won’t buy it, they cracked it. This is not bad. The gamer creators won’t decrease the quality of the game. There is such a lot of competition within the market. The reviewers decide by the minor matters just like the shadows render etc. when the gamer creator creates a game with the options you can play with decrease the quality in the decent computer, the games won’t look realistic.  Nowadays the skin of the character in games looks realistic. The games look bad if the quality decreased. The reviewers will judge in a bad way. So the games won’t earn a profit. So the new games run only on high-end computers. Marketing is a very dangerous thing. If marketing is not good, the product won’t get purchased.

When the time goes increasing the demands also increased by the users about rate racing. Every gamer wants higher things in games. So, the game was also created with higher things. The game created on the system is higher. They don’t want to create a game with optimization for so-called poor people. I mean who can’t afford it. 

But in PUBG, every thing different, this game was covered to the all people around the world like Pubg Mobile for Mobile user, Pubg PC for high-End pc user, Pubg PC Lite for Decent Computer, Pubg Mobile Lite for Decent Mobile. PUBG has covered all the categories of the user’s system. But why? Because that game is free. They earn money from the royal past purchases. You can play the game you have to buy from inside the game to play with flexibility. They covered all the people from the world so they can earn from the different types of people whether they are rich or poor. But such as GTA 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla they earned from the high-end graphics with good performance, Quality. There is so much competition in the gaming world.


The gaming industry is not for so-called people, because of the reason you have already read on this blog. Here only Quality runs. For the quality, it needs high-end PCs. If you play these games on a decent computer, you won’t get the quality that you expected and won’t happy to play these games. They don’t optimize the game because they are afraid that the so-called people will do piracy and they didn’t get the return of investment. Such as GTA 6 & Assasin’s Creed Valhalla. GTA 6 or GTA V. these games can be created but the quality that we expected won’t get. So, the New games run only on high-end Computers.



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