Is Samsung Galaxy A51 is worth? Best Review 2020


Well, the Samsung Galaxy A50 was launched in 2019 A.D. Due to the increasingly difficult competition. Like Xiaomi, Realme has launched a good phone. So, Samsung has launched the new phone, Samsung Galaxy A51. Let’s See, Is Samsung Galaxy A51 is worth?


Is Samsung Galaxy A51 is worth?


If you are talking about the Samsung Galaxy A51 design it is much better than the Samsung Galaxy A50. The Gradient bottom of the Samsung Galaxy A51 is an attractive look. It has two color options: white and blue. This time, the design of the Samsung Galaxy A51 camera looks different. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. The back of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is made of plastic. And it is comfortable to carry. For those people who like to use light and small. This phone is the best option for you.


The screen of Samsung Galaxy A51 is similar to that of Samsung Galaxy A51. It is Full HD and Super AMOLED screen. It has a punch hole that makes this phone expensive. It has a 6.5-inch display. It produced a good color, contrast, brightness. It has a good response to touch. It is a 60hZ panel. It has a Gorilla 3 glass protection.


  • 48-Mega-pixels (main camera)
  • 12-Mega-Pixel Ultra Wide angle lens.
  • 5-megapixel depth sensor.
  • 5-Mega-Pixel macro lens.
    The captured photo of 48-Mega-pixels is detailed and the dynamic range is good, side by side Color funky look. The photo captured by 12-Mega-pixels, the color of wide-angle lenses, gives good results. The mid-range mobile phone offers you 8MP ultra-wide-angle lenses, but this phone offers 12MP wide-angle lenses. The photo taken by the macro lens is not so good. The photo captured by Portrait mode gives you a satisfying photo. Gives you a mid-range photo on low light photos. The image captured by the 32MP lens selfie camera is a satisfaction. If you are talking about video quality, you can capture 4k video with 30fps video on it. But the stabilization on 4k is not so good. 1080p stabilization is good. You also capture slow-motion video.


Samsung Galaxy A51 works on ONE UI 2.0. The new version of ONE UI 2.0 is optimized. You can’t feel late when using heavy applications. While using multiple conversations, you will feel a little retarded. It has an EXYNOS 9611 chip. The performance of Gaming is similar to Samsung Galaxy A50. PUBG MOBILE will run at 40 fps. Call of Duty runs on high FPS. If you are Gamer Samsung Galaxy A51 is not the best option for you.


Samsung Galaxy A51 has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. If you want more storage space, a dedicated Micro-SD card slot is provided. You can insert another SD card.


For security, you will be provided with fingerprint unlocking and face detection unlocking. Compared to the previous version Fingerprints are becoming faster. If you want to unlock the front you can choose. It works faster than unlocking fingerprints.


Samsung Galaxy A51 has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh. It handles easily up to 1 day. The loading speed is not so satisfactory.


On the downside, the Samsung Galaxy A51 has 1 speaker. Provides the best sound quality. You will receive a headphone jack that does not have an output problem.

Is Samsung Galaxy A51 is worth? Yes, This phone Samsung Galaxy is worth and the best option for those who are casual. You don’t need more performance. If you are a Game player. This phone is not the best option for you. If you’re a Facebook, Instagram, social media user, or normal task user this phone is Best for you.



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