Why iPhone is Better than Android on 2021


If you don’t have an iPhone earlier and haven’t used IOS Devices. You have been using Android for a long time. Did you miss iPhone features? most people fought for the iPhone are good android is bad. Android is a good iPhone is bad. Today I’m gonna tell you “iPhone is better than Android”. There are many things that determine the iPhone is Better than the Android


Why iPhone is Better than Android

  • Privacy Issue

Nowadays, people don’t care about the security of their data. if the virus infected our devices if it hacked their devices. Nothing will happen. Side by side, a technical person can understand, ie who is in the I.T. area or the people who are closest to the technology understand Data is the most expensive thing in this era. They want to save their data. if we talked about confidentiality and security. We get it on iPhone or IOS devices. Because we get security on the iPhone, we can’t get it on Android. The first reason is Android is Open-Source software. It means that any company in this world can change and use it. It is available on local brands. Thanks to Open Source, a hacker can easily access your system. The Android library is public. This problem is from the beginning. Samsung also uses Android. Because it changes it. Nowadays Samsung offers a little more security. Samsung does encryption. This is why Samsung can be hacked with little chance. A local brand can be easily hacked as a mid-range brand. This is why most ads appeared while using slow-running applications and devices and can be easily hacked because they do not add more secure encryption to the software. This is why “iPhone is better than Android”.

  • Stability and fast feeling

you can feel iPhone or iOS devices quickly. He has many reasons. IOS was created by Programming. The program is good. On iOS and iPhone devices. IPhone or iOS devices are made of good resources. Resources such as RAM, processor, etc. On iPhone or iOS, the device resource management feature is available, which makes hardware resources run smoothly. RAM management is nice. So, the iPhone does not have a large capacity for the Battery. If we talked about Android, Android has a 4000 mAh battery, but it can’t run a full day, but the iPhone only has 3000 mAh, 3200 or 3500 mAh, but it runs a full day. At the end of the day, the iPhone remains a 15% battery. As a result, the iPhone has better efficiency. In terms of stability, it lasts less, it is very fast than Android. Nowadays, Android is fast. But the iPhone is fast from the start. iPhone (Apple Devices) has a legacy, “The best stable and fast experience.” Apple (iOS devices) Create your own hardware and software. Apple itself creates software and knows how to manage uses. They took their own hardware, like their “A13 Bionic Chips” process. They know how to make the most of it. This is why “iPhone is better than Android”.

  • Apple Environmental System

Believe me, guys, no company has built this type of environmental system like Apple (iPhone). Let’s talk about Apple products. iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Airpods, Macbook, Apple TV. Let’s talk about Airpods. Just a simple thing. All you have to do is insert the connected AirPods into your ear automatically. It’s a wireless headset for iPhone. If we talked about Airdrops, Airdrops helps users share the file from one IOS device to another IOS device, even the file size is larger. It only takes 10.15 seconds to share the files with Security. It becomes a pair-to-pair connection between two Apple devices. Apple offers a good storage facility. It allows users to store important files on iCloud. iCloud is the most secure cloud storage of the iPhone. The file has been encrypted and confidential. This is why “iPhone is better is better than Android”.

  • Continuities

if we talked about continuity, we can understand with an example. If someone calls the iPhone. But I don’t know where the iPhone is and it works on Apple (Mac) laptops. It automatically appears on a laptop that someone is calling on the iPhone and they can receive a call and talk. Without touching our iPhone, we can receive and talk. This is what makes life easy. If we talked about the apple clock (iWatch), we can easily activate the setting. And you don’t need to enter your password on your Apple Laptop when you approach my Laptop. This is why the user buys the whole Apple product because he understands that these things can save the times of his life. FaceTime is a better option for video chat and calling with friends and relatives. It has cool features. This is the reason why the iPhone is better than android.

  • Amazing Applications

if we talked about Google Apps. Trust me as much as possible, Android apps (like Google Chrome, YouTube, etc.) work perfectly on iOS devices and not Android devices. And it’s a funny thing. How????

The app store portfolio is attractive, meaning the app store design is attractive and easy to use. There are some paid apps that are very bad. but the free apps are very nice, which works nicely and runs in a stable way. If a developer creates the application, Apple provides the parameter, ie the applications you have created look attractive, easy to use, beautiful, etc. There are a lot of criteria that the developer has to face. So, people said that iPhone has amazing applications. This is why “iPhone is better is better than Android”.

  • Updates

On Android, there are several brands that offer very fast updates. But they will not work properly. But on IOS, if IOS has notified software updates, there is a serious update about security, bugs, and privacy. Or for better performance. You will not receive a Lag. If a guy bought an iPhone 6.7 years ago, he will receive the same update. It matters to them. This is a good thing to say “iPhone is Better is better than Android”.



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