How WhatsApp Earn Money?


Have you ever think, How WhatsApp earned Money? although they don’t add advertisements on their app. Now, Whatsapp is the product of Facebook. WhatsApp is used to transfer the message from one person to another.

currently, WhatsApp is used worldwide. Previously it was used to share the only message but nowadays it is used to share or transfer the file, photos video voice, etc. it is being famous day by day. Have you ever thought WhatsApp provides good services to the user? How WhatsApp Earn Money? Does it provide these services for free? Are they work for free? Is the employee of its work for free? How is it possible? Today, we’ll be discussing this.


How WhatsApp Earn Money in 2020?

Whatsapp was created in February 2009 A.D. This app was created just to keep the personal things where the ads will be shown to the users those who created. Whatsapp was free for the 1s year of use and later than WhatsApp takes around 1$ for renewing the subscriptions. In 2014, it was sold to Facebook at 19 billion Dollars and combine with Facebook by Mark Zuckerburg. His wants to earn money from this because he has invested around 19 billions dollar. He must be profitable.

Mark Zuckerberg

The important thing in the world in Technology Aspects is Data. Now Facebook has gathered the data of lots of people around the world. Most people use it. Although they don’t use Facebook, They use WhatsApp. The user base of Whatsapp is big. Then claimed on Facebook, the data of WhatsApp are used or data analyzed of WhatsApp on the Facebook advertisement to improve the advertisement of Facebook. Do you know facebook earned? They earned by showing the ads to the users. Later then facebook clarify that the data of the user are not collected by Facebook. Then the user got the service of WhatsApp i.e WhatsApp business. This used by the people who run the business. Who wants to contact the customers. So, they can use WhatsApp. This version of WhatsApp is different from the normal version. This app has automatic reply features. This is a premium service made for the businessman. This means they can take the money from the businessman. The businessman has to pay for premium services.


First, it collects the audience and with the help of those people, they collect the businessman and earn money from the businessman. This is the 1st way how WhatsApp earns money. Facebook got the second idea of how WhatsApp earns money. Whatsapp money transfer. Using the WhatsApp app you can send the money.  You can send the funds from one WhatsApp to another WhatsApp. Maybe WhatsApp takes the charges of transferring the funds/money. This way WhatsApp earns money. Without showing the ad directly to the user, how WhatsApp earns money and taking money from providing the service of transferring the funds, this is the way how WhatsApp earns money. These are the 2 ways WhatsApp earns money. Maybe WhatsApp and Facebook company bring out new ideas to earn money. The main assets are where the audience more, there is more money. Suppose youtube has lots of audiences, they earned lots of money. A blogger has lots of audiences, they earned lots of money. All the games are about the audience. Wherever the more userbase, there is lots of money.  A business is run where there is a presence of customers. Customers are people where do they, they are in social media. By side WhatsApp earn money. Nobody can do work for free on the internet. Hope, you guys knew that how the WhatsApp earn from the peoples without showing ads by taking your personal data private.



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