How to Jailbreak iPhone/ iPad


Have you ever think you have worked on different types of tasks on computers. We can do what we want as per our requirements. If we talk about mobile phones. The mobile phones kept the user in certain criteria. with the help of Jailbreak, we can move away from those criteria.


The user must use what setting and options are provided by mobile companies. You can’t do as you want. You are not allowed to use a mobile phone with freedom. The operating system doesn’t give permission to use it as we want.

If you’re an iPhone user and have an iPhone with you and you’re interlinking with technology & the Internet, of course, you have listened about jailbreak on iPhone. Well, you don’t know about Jailbreaking, Advantages of Jailbreak, and Downside of Jailbreak. If you don’t know about it. I’ll be telling you these things.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is the process of breaking the restriction on mobile Phones in which the limited services are provided by Mobile phone Companies or Breaking the control of the operating system. If you recognized the software is not perfect and some bugs are remaining to fix, then if you want to go to the deep root of the system with the help of Bugs or Loop Hole and control the system as you want, they are known as Jailbreak. For Example, you can’t install applications from outside on Non-Jailbroken devices. If you want to install an application on your device you have to install via Apps Store and it is mandatory. Apps Store is the product of Apple. If you want to download video, music and want to share the file via a third-party system, you can’t do it. When you jailbroke your iDevice, One of the Applications installed automatically i.e Cydia. Such as when you root your android devices, you’ll get the application automatically on your device called Superuser. Likewise, when you jailbroke your iDevices, you’ll get the Cydia Apps automatically. Cydia helps to Tweak our Apple devices or automatically we can customize our iDevices. we can install applications without the Apps store. We can change our iDevices theme, home screen, icons, notification panels, etc. After you jailbroke, you can change anything on your iDevices. It means you’re giving superpowers to your iDevices which apple’s had restricted.

Advantages of Jailbreak

  • You can tweak your iPhone. It means you can customize your phone as stated by you. You can change the themes, colors, etc. you can customize as you want.
  • When you jailbroke your iDevices you don’t have any restriction to download apps, music videos,s, etc. you can download from the internet and share it as you want without the iTunes store.
  • Without Jailbroke, we are not allowed to check the file manager of our phone but after jailbroke, we can check our file manager. The photos, videos can be seen in a file format.
  • If you forgot your iPhone passcode you can bypass it easily.
  • After restore or formatting your iDevices, the activation lock can be bypass easily.

Disadvantages of Jailbreak

  • If you Jailbroke your iDevices you’ll lose the warranty of your devices.
  • The main disadvantage of jailbreaking is its security. After Jailbroke, you will lose the security.  As you know, the iPhone is also known as the most secure device nowadays. After Jailbroke, the security provided by apple will be a break. It means your phone can be hacked easily, hackers can share the virus on your devices, or automatically third party application can be installed.

If you want to Jailbreak your device you can.

How to Know iPhone is Jailbroken or Not?

  • Download & Install 3u Tools on your pc.
  • Open 3u Tools and connect your device.
  • You’ll be shown the device is Jailbroken or not like a photo.

Jailbreak is legal or illegal?

I know you have ever thought, Jailbreaking is Legal or Illegal? Well, it is legal. You can think it is legal. There are some criteria where is jailbreaking is illegal.

Is it easy jailbreak iPhone/ iPad?

It is dependent upon your devices. For the popular devices, you’ll get the one-click process to Jailbroke. It is not difficult for Jailbroke. It is easy to do. If your software is recently updated or you have updated the software just 2 hours ago and 2-3 days ago, at that time, it is not easy to Jailbroke. Because the software is secured and safe. The programmer has to see the bugs of the software where they can enter into the software bypassing the security or cracking the software. It takes some time so, at that time jailbreaking is not easy to do.

Should you jailbreak your iPhone/ iPad?

It depends on time. At an earlier time, most of the features were not available on devices. As the IOS update such as IOS 11-12-13-14. You’ll get the latest features as per the software updated. The features which can available after jailbreak, those features will be available without Jailbroke. If you want to overclock your CPU which is not available without Jailbroke. If you want to jailbreak you can do it. If you’re a normal user, recommend you not to Jailbroke your device.

How to Jailbreak iPhone / iPad?

The Process of jailbreaking the iPhone is very simple. You can Jailbreak Using Mac or Windows. The Jailbreaking process on Mac is Simple but for Jailbreaking on Windows, there are some tricky points. Today we’ll Jailbreak our device using Windows PC. Just you need the Computer and internet. Be sure you’re using the Good Quality of USB Cable of iDevices (iPhone/ iPad/ iWatch) & Pendrive which is higher than 8 GB.  Nowadays Checkra1n providing the quality of Jailbreaking features.

  • Download & Run Rufus Software.
  • Download Kali Linux ISO File.
  • Insert Pendrive on your System.
  • Make Bootable Pendrive using Rufus.
  • Restart your PC and enter BIOS Setup.
  • Go to Boot Setting.
  • Put First Boot: USB & Second Boot: Hard Drive.
  • Now Save the setting and restart the PC.
  • Kali Linux will Launch.
  • Go to Live (amd 64 or amd 32).
  • Kali Linux will Boot Live. [NOTE: Don’t Disconnect your Pendrive or USB Device.]
  • Connect WIFI.
  • Open Terminal.
  • You have to Run Kali Linux with Root Access. To Run with Root Access, Type Commands on terminal:

sudo su

passwd root

Enter New Password then rewrite the same password. Be sure you have written the same password. The password will not appear on the screen.

  • Close the Terminal & logout the System.
  • Then type:

Username: root

Password: “Recently You had set which was not appear on the Screen”.

  • Connect wifi if your wifi is disconnected.
  • Open Firefox.
  • Visit Checkra1n Official Website.
  • Click on Linux.
  • Install Checkra1n using their repo.
  • Open Terminal.
  • Type Command or you can copy these commands and enter on your terminal.

Sudo echo “deb” >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Sudo apt-key adv –fetch-keys

Sudo apt update

sudo apt install checkra1n


  • Connect your iDevices (iPhone or iPad) which you want to jailbreak.
  • Click on Start. (If you’re unable to click on Start, Go to option.)
  • Tick on Allow on untested devices.
  • Go Back to the Main Menu.
  • Click Start.
  • Put your Device on DFU Mode.
  • Then Leave.
  • After Success of Jailbreak, you’ll see the Message “All Done”.

In this way, you can jailbreak your iDevice on Windows PC. Recently Checkra1n Patch Version is Released Because Official Checkra1n Version allows jailbreak only up to iPhone x which is running IOS 13.7. Those iDevices which are running IOS 14 to higher can’t be Jailbreak. So, Checkra1n Patch version was Released. To Jailbreak your iDevice which is running higher than IOS 14 Follow these steps:

  • The steps are the same as before up to Run Kali Linux with Root Access.
  • Then Download Checkra1n Patch Version.
  • Copy Checkra1n patch version from Download Folder to Desktop.
  • Open Terminal.
  • Type Command to Install Checkra1n Version:

Sudo apt-get upate –y

Sudo apt-get install –y usbmuxd



Cd Desktop


Chmod +x checkra1n

./checkra1n –c then Enter

  • Now connect your iDevice with good quality USB Cable.
  • Put your Device in DFU Mode.
  • After then your device will be Jailbroken.

I hope you got the knowledge of it: what is the meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages, Should you do or not, and how you can jailbreak your iDevices.

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