How to Access Prime Video without Subscription- 2021 [Daily Update]

Hello, Everyone welcoming you back to the Shine Gyan, where knowledge Begins without End. Today we’ll be talking about related to Prime Video or technology Trick. Knowledge can be either related to Finance, Economy or Technology. You’re just born into this world to gain some knowledge; why not take the knowledge of the different sectors.

Today we’ll be talking about Cookies. First of all, tell me, Do you ever heard that someone had used the OTT Platform without a Subscription? Most people say it is impossible, but I can say it is possible. “We can use any OTT Platform without any Subscription?”.  We can use the OTT Platform without subscription by the Cookies method. To know about this, we have to understand from the beginning. What are cookies, and how does it work.


What are Cookies?

Have you Noticed ever when you visited some website? The website asked for a cookies Request. You may be Accept without knowing. But today I’ll explain everything about it.

Well, it is not a biscuit or chocolate. Its name is similar to them, but it is not. This is a website cookie or HTTP Cookie. Cookies are the small piece of data and information specifically stored by a user’s computer in cache memory. It has different uses, like tracking user activity, and it helps to take out the targeted information. It secures the login details. So you don’t have to enter your login detail on the OTT Platform while accessing the website. It helps to count the visitors on the site because every each cookie has a different identity. So, for website creators, it helps to count the visitors on their site.

When did cookies come into existence once, or were they invented?

Cookies were invested in a 1994 Ad by Lou Montulli. He used to work on Online Store named Netscape. On that day, storing the data of every user on the server makes the server overload, which pretends the server to work slow. So he invented the cookies, which the data stores on the user’s computers. As a result, company servers don’t get overload to perform a task. Then Lou has created this for web browsing. Nowadays, cookies are used with added features like tracking the user’s activity. It may be helpful or risky that depends upon the company. When you visited a website and asked for cookies after you agree to the cookies request, your computer embedded the cookies on your system.

How Do Cookies Work?

When you visit an online store website like amazon, Flipkart, etc., that website stores cookies on your computer system or cache memory, which have a unique identification, cookies track your session. Suppose you have a watch list of your product, how many times you had visited that product page, how much time you have spent on that product page etc., when you exit from the website after you log in, all datastores on cookies. When you back to the website that time, you don’t have to access it with a login password; you can access the product within a second. You don’t have to spend much time to search the same product.

How to Get Prime Video Cookies for Free Subscription?

As I mentioned above, cookies stores your information on your cache memory. We have a lot of Cookies editor Extensions on our Browser. When you logged your prime Video Account. Cookies store your login details. Then you have extracted the cookies on your system and install them on different same cookies.

If you don’t know how to install it, I’ll help you.

  • If Use Google Chrome. Go to Three Dots on the right side of your Screen.
  • Go to More Tools.
  • Click on Extensions.
  • Then go to 3 parallel line.
  • Click on “Open Chrome Web Store”. Click Here to Directly Visit to the Stores.
  • Now, Click on “Add to Chrome”


  • Click on Cookies Editor Extension.
  • If you’re sharing your Cookies just click on Export.
  • If you’re importing Cookies, Click on Delete All then Import New Cookies.
  • Then Refresh your Browser.
  • Congratulation you have logged in Amazon Prime Video Account without Subscription and login Details.

Cookies Link:

NOTE: This is my Personal Amazon Prime Video Cookies. I’m sharing my personal cookies on my site. After you, Import Prime Video Cookie, Don’t Logout; after you log out, the Prime Video Cookie Expires.

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