How to Fix Games Lag?


Hello Everyone. Welcome to the website. Do you ever think, why Games Lag? How to prevent from Lag while playing the games. Even the professional gamers lose the match due to the lagging while playing the game. Why Games Lag? Today, We’ll be talking on this topic: How the Games Lag while Playing and How to Fix Games Lag!

Why Games Lag?

Specially, there are two main reason of Games Lagging.

  • Problem in Processor or System.
  • Problem in Internet.

Problem in Processor or System.


This happens when the hardware, software, or Drivers outdated. it means you’re using old Hardware, Softwares, and Drivers. When you’re hardware is outdated the solution is to change the hardware. There is something that we can tweak. It means we can use it without replacement. The Application is not necessary but working on the background stops that software and programs. If you’re using Google Chrome, Google Chrome is not the enemy of Gaming. On old Computers, Google Chrome takes lots of processing capacity to play or run the games. On Google Chrome you can run the website in the background. You can stop Google Chrome Follow the steps:

Click CTRL + ALT + DEL Button together >> Click on Task Manager >> Select Google Chrome >> Click on END Task OR, Click 3 Dots on Right Upward Corner of Google Chrome >> Click on Setting >> Click on Advance >> Go to System >> Disbale “Continue Running Background Apps When Google Chrome is Closed”.

If you’re using Antivirus side by side wants to play the game you need to compromise on this thing. Either you have to uninstall or Disable antivirus or don’t play games on your system.

On your system, Graphics Card is Installed but you haven’t updated the driver you’re doing big mistakes. So, Update your graphics card drivers, update your launcher version if you’re playing games through launchers like NOX, GameLoop, etc. it means you have to updates software-wise.

 Problem in Internet or Ping.


The first solution for the problem of the internet is, you have to upgrade your internet plan likewise 20 MBPS to 30 MBPS and more. Another problem with the internet is the hardware installed on your system Like Network Card is not working properly. In that case, you have to update your Network or Replace it with a new one. When a single network is used by many people, you get the slow internet somewhere someone is downloading the movies and games from the torrent website. Downloading or watching the movies and something else takes lots of internet speed so be sure you’re using the internet alone.  Try to access the internet wires. In comparison to wifi, you’ll get a better internet speed on a wired connection.


If you’re playing the games be sure the background process is closed like, windows update, websites running, or software that accesses the internet. If you use this idea, you’ll get the experience of 90% no lag while gaming. If you play online games like PUBG, Freefire, Call of Duty, DOTA 2, etc. you’ll be connected to the servers, be sure you’re connected to the nearest server. So you can get a good ping. When you connected to the nearest server, your data transmission between the server will be fast.

I hope you got the idea to fixing the Lag while gaming and why the Games Lag even you’re playing on High-End PC’s. May this article help to fix the lag while gaming different high end games.

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