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Apple is an American Multinational Technology Company that produces Apple Products like iPhone, Ipad, iWatch, MacBook, iMac, etc. This company creates its own hardware and software for their product. The founder of this company is Late Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

To access the Apple Device first you need an Apple ID and Passwords. Today we’ll be telling you about What is Apple ID and How to create it for Free.

How to Create Apple ID for Free | PC Method 2020 |

Apple ID is a personal account or your personal identity for using Apple’s Online Service. You can use the Apple Account for Any Apple’s Online Services. Apple Account used for setting up your new Apple devices. If we have purchased the new product of Apple, Apple Account is used on them to set up. On that setup, Apple Account is Required. Apple Account used to Download Games, Music, Video, and More. Apple Account used for backing up the data of the iPhone or any other Apple device. To create this account, we have to compulsory the working email account like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. by using the email you can create the Apple Account. One thing is important if you have, & from the beginning, They are the already apple id. It means you have already the part of the Apple Account. You don’t need to create the apple id through an external email id. They’re considered to the Apple Account. There are two ways to create an Apple Account.

  • While Setup New Device
  • Via Apple Website

Method 1: you can create the Apple Account while setup the New device. You can create the apple id immediate.

Method 2: you have to go to Apple official website and have to create the account. Click here to create. In this process, you have to need contact information, payment information, and security details. After entering the details you can create the apple id. After creating you have to verify the email id which is used in the Apple Account.  But today I’ll tell you how you can create Apple ID for Free without any Banking Detail using Gmail.

Be sure you have Created the Gmail Account. If you don’t know Click Here.

  • Download and Install iTunes from Website.
  • Open iTunes
  • Click on Store.
  • Search anything on Search Box.
  • Click on price of the product.
  • Login box pop-up.
  • Click on “Create New Apple ID”.
  • Enter your login details and click Continue.
  • Enter your Personal Detail and Click on Continue.
  • On Payment method Click on “None”. So you don’t have to enter your payment details.
  • Enter Billing Details and Click continue. So, you can buy paid application, song, video etc. in Future Time.
  • Now its time to verify your email address, go to Gmail Account you will get the Security Code.
  • Just Copy the Code then Enter on a box and click on verify.
  • Now Click on Continue and enjoy the Free Apple ID.

How Many Apple ID Need?

Generally, per person need 1 apple ID. You can access the apple account from two or more devices. You can login by many devices. Having 1 Apple ID, makes life easy how? When you enter the 1 apple id on iPhone and logged in by iMac too you can access the contact list, Calendar, Notes, etc of the iPhone on the iMac. Better you entered on your personal devices. When you enter on your family member iPhone, iMac, or any other Apple Devices. They can access your personal information on their devices. On Privacy Aspects you access a single apple account by yourself.

Should you share Apple ID with others?

As mentioned before, you don’t have to share your apple account (ID & Password). Sharing your Apple Account (ID & Password) the second person who is not the real owner, they can access your all information like contact, applications, calendar, photos, messages, etc. Suppose, you had given your apple id and password to your friends and your friends logged in on their device, the games you purchased online which is paid, the photo you have stored on your devices, the messages, contact list, calendar, etc. they will appear on your friends iPhone or Apple Devices. Suppose, if your friends purchased the paid games, the amount of paid games will be charged on your credit card. So you have to pay. If your family members have Apple devices, don’t share your apple account with them just create a different account for them.

How to Secure Apple ID?

  • Simply don’t share your apple id & password with others.
  • Set the Strong Password using Capital Letters, Small Letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Setup Two Factor Authentication (When someones try to access your device, you’ll get notified and codes will be received by you. Without that codes, Apple account can’t be logged in.)
  • Configure the Family Sharing Setup.
  • Suppose, your apple id is lost or stolen somewhere, you can track, lock, and Erase devices using iCloud.

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