House of Top 4 Billionaire’s of the World

house-of -top-4-billionaire's

Wealthy Peoples are always at the top of the discussion. For normal people, wealthy people’s lifestyles would be interesting. How they became wealthy? For enjoyment where do they go? What types of materials they use? for those materials how much they invest? These things will be a curiosity for normal people. On this blog, we’ll be discussing the House of Top 4 Billionaires of the World which you may be unknown about it.

Jeff Bezos

house-of -top-4-billionaire's

The Owner of Approx. 181.2 billion US Dollars, C.E.O of Jeff Bezos, Continuously world Richest Person of the World. In America’s famous places he has his own house. He has an Apartment in New York and Texas. Although he has an apartment in New York and Texas, he brought the Bungalow to Washington and California. Jeff Bezos is interested to buy the Residences. Recently he brought the water font Residence 1,65,000 Square Feet on West Texas. Near the Headquater of Amazon, he makes the Residence of around 29,000 Square feet as a private Residence.  He has an apartment on the century tour of New York which is Occupied around 17,000 Square Feet. While Bezos stay in New York, he used to stay on this tower. Even he doesn’t publish the number of other Residences, The century tower price is about 80 Million US Dollars. This apartment has a 12-bed room. For the guest and him, he made a different kitchen. In this apartment, there is a Hall where 20 people can stay easily.

Bill Gates

house-of -top-4-billionaire's

The Owner of Approx. 113.5 billion US Dollars, Owner of Microsft Bill Gates Continuously became the number 1 Richest Person all over the world for the 23 Years. Now Jeff Bezos Become the number 1 Richest person of the World. According to the American Newspaper Forbes, Still the Bill gates remain in 2nd Richest Person of the world. On 1998 A.D, Bill Gates brought the house on Washington which cost 2 Million US Dollars. Now it cost 170 Million US Dollars. To renovate this dwelling, it took 7 years which is occupied 70,000 Square Feet. To Renovate this Residence bill gates spend 63.3 Million US Dollar. This Residence full facility. This Residence is also known as Xanadu 2.0. The main features of this Residence is wood, which made from it. This Residence made by 500 years old Douglas tree wood. He likes to stay at home after office time. This Residence Has 7 big bedrooms and the other 18 rooms. This apartment has 500 Employee to work. When the guest arrives on his home, he add more 100 workers. On his Dinning Easily 200 people stay. In Residence, daily 6 Kitchen is used. According to the Requirement of the people, the amount of oxygen and light passed through this room. On free time, he used to ride on expensive yard. 

Bernard Arnault

house-of -top-4-billionaire's

The owner of Approx 107.5 Billions Pound richest person of France Bernard Arnault is a 3rd Richest Person in the World. He is the owner of Louis Vution & Sephora Brand. The product by his company is sold into 70 Countries. In 2019 A.D, he collab with American Jewellery Tiffany & Company. After Collabing with American jewelry Tiffany & Company his income rises. He likes to ride on Expensive Yard. He brought an expensive and attractive bungalow.  He is the owner of dozens of houses in America and France. Earlier he used to stay on Los Angeles web hurley Palace. He brought this palace in 2016 A.D which cost 30.5 Million US Dollars. In this Palace, guests can use the latest equipment. This palace occupied 64,000 Square Feet built on 16’s. This palace has a football ground to a tennis court. On a special Day, Bernard Arnault uses the special hall. To renovate the special hall he spent around 1,600,000 US Dollars. He separates the rooms for guests.   

Mark Zuckerberg

house-of -top-4-billionaire's

The owner of 86.5 Billion US Dollar Mark Zuckerberg, The owner of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Mark Zuckerberg is the 4th Richest Person in the World.  According to the Forbes Newspaper, he is the owner of 86.5 Billion US Dollars. Mark Zuckerberg used to spend on his total income spent 45 billion us dollars to Social Works. In 2011 A.D brought the house to California. At that time the cost of the house is 7 Million US Dollars. Currently, the cost of this house is 43.8 US Dollars. The design of the house is changed 3 times. This house occupied 5,000 Square Feet. This house was built in 1903 A.D. Most of the wood is found this house is around 100 years old. At free time, the owner of Facebook used to gardening. This house has a swimming pool and a sun bathroom. This house has 5 bedrooms with 5 bathrooms.

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