Free Video Editing Software


If you really want to get creative by editing videos. But don’t know where to start. Don’t worry after reading this blog you’ll know about it. You’ll find many video editing software but you have to pay monthly or yearly for the subscription. Today I’ll be telling about Premium Free Video Editing Software.


Free Video Editing Software

Nowadays, you can’t even drink water without paying money, who else gives you the software. I’ll tell you Free Video Editing Software 2020 which is completely free with a download link and edits like a pro. So, Don’t give up on what you get for free. If you really want to go for professional editing.Before you should explore the capabilities of this video editor. If you can use this software, you can also use professional stuff, so use this software first. If you want to edit videos on any operating system like Windows, MAC, Linux, or if you have a normal compatible computer that is a low-performance light computer. You can edit videos easily and professionally. I will tell you five “free video editing software”. So let’s start with the first “Free Video Editing Software 2020”.


OpenShot is open-source software that is available on Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems. It supports many videos, audio, and image formats. Users can animate videos using this software. It supports dragging and dropping files on the timeline, making it easier for users. Users can add an unlimited number of tracks or layers for editing. The editor can resize, crop, snap, rotate, cut, and scale video clips in this software. Users can animate text using this software. The editor can display the time or change the speed of the video, like slow motion, fast forward, rewind, according to your requirements. The editor can evaluate the color of the clip, which means that the user can apply their own color effect to the video using this software. The main good thing is it is the Free Video Software 2020. You can download the software from the official site.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an open-source software created by Microsoft. This is the default software for the Windows operating system. This software is only available for the Windows operating system. You can get it easily on Windows after installing it on our system. Users can customize Tool for this software and credit themselves after customization. It can create automatic slideshows after adding photo collection in this software. It has many transition effects that make the video look attractive. Users can edit videos professionally. Some people have created a movie using Windows Movie Maker. The best part is it is the Free Video Editing Software 2020. You can download this software if it is not installed on your system.

HitFilm Express

Hitfilm Express is open-source software. The user can download and use it for free. Users can track and display the simulation. The editor or user can change the background of the video using the green screen effect. The user can easily change the background. With this software, you can add a shooting effect to your video. This software allows the user to evaluate by masking the object. Users can create 3D animation with this software. Users can edit videos professionally. This is why it is “Free Video Software 2020”.


iMovie is an open-source software created by Apple for Apple or Mac computers only. This is the default software for the Mac operating system. It is similar to the Windows movie maker. This software supports HD and 4K video. The user can play with the color setting and color scheme in their own way. If the video is shaking, the user can stabilize the video. There are many transitions available in this software, making the video attractive. The user can control the video speed with this software. It is the best free video editing software 2020, where users can edit professionally.

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