Blogging: Best Way to Earn Online in 2020


As you know, Engineering. Do you what is Blogging? Can we good earn with blogging? Can we take Blogging as a Carrier? Is Blogging is the best way to earn online in 2020? Today we’ll be discussing it. Let’s start, introducing Blogging from the beginning. You May Check out which is the Best Operating System for you as your requirements.

Blogging: Best Way to Online Earn in 2020

What is Blogging?

First, start with the example. Suppose, you are familiar with the mobile phone and your phone wants to buy the new phone. He would come to you to ask which phone he/she should buy. He/She came to you Because you the information or familiar with the mobile phones and with your experience you suggested to your friends to buy the good one. With your suggestion, your friends got a good budget phone.  He/she get profit but what you got from that? Knowing or unknowing how many peoples you have suggested. If you give this information on the internet you’ll be a blogger. So how? Let’s discuss it. For the information, we surf the internet. We surf on google suppose, “Accepted Technology in Nepal?”, “Which is the Best Operating System?”. So what we surfing the internet for the information. What we have searched, In internet language or Blogging Language it is called Keyword. After entering the Keyword the result or Website shown by Google and got and read the information from the website, it is called Blogs. The information, Data who writes and import on the website they are called Bloggers. When you are informative people and give suggestions to other peoples, if you do the same work by importing on the website, you can be a good blogger and can earn. These are the Blog, Blogging, and Blogger. Now,

what are the benefits of doing Blogging and should we start it?


Suppose, your friend or relatives ask the question to you because you have good knowledge of that matter and answered by your suggestion. Think, Is the information is only for your friend or relative? No, the unknown way these questions are from many peoples and your answer will be their questions. Those people who don’t know surf the internet. If you create the blog and import your answer on the blog. The unknown way many people will get an answer. Now you’ll think what you got from this? Suppose you have a health or mobile phone or finance or Technology knowledge and you import on the Internet. The audience reached your website. There is saying also, those who have an audience his word can be listened to. When the audience reads your blog, you can be paid. So nowadays the quantity of blogger increase day by day.


You can earn from the blog but the most interesting thing is, you don’t have to go anywhere to earn from the blog. If you’re a housewife blogging will best for you. you can share your knowledge with others just by sitting at the home and earn from it. If peoples like your knowledge and Idea people used to follow you. You can make your own frame and identity. If you have a service, you created an attractive logo or video editor or teach any language. You can sell your service through Blogging. A user can increase their business from the blog. A user can create and make an online course like Udemy. You can sell your product worldwide through blogs.

If you haven’t started your blog. We suggest you start a blog. Show your inner talent through blogs. You can find out on the internet on Youtube how you can create your own blog.


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