Which is the Best Image Format for Quality in 2021?


Have you ever seen the extension of Photos which is stored on your computers, Mobile or somewhere else? Maybe they are JPG, GIF, or PNG. Have you ever thought about what are these and which is the Best Image Format for Quality? Today we’ll be discussing these things. What is JPG, GIF & PNG, and the Best Image Format for the Quality?


Some people known about it’s an Image format but it’s different and has different uses of these formats.

What is JPG?


Generally, maybe you have seen JPG & JPEG Formats on files. Both of them are JPG. JPG and JPEG stand for Joint Photography Experts Group. Generally, we take photographs with DSLR Cameras. we are allowed to shot in two formats: JPG or Raw. Some Photographers capture photos in RAW photos and Post products and convert intro JPG formats. For comfortable storage, the JPG formats were created because JPG formats take a small size where RAW formats take a big size of storage. When we shot photos from DSLR in JPG format, the quality of photos reduces and Post products which are not hard to post product after the shots. Due to the reduction in the size of the file in JPG, the quality compressed. Wherever you used, maybe you have used JPG Formats and think JPG is the best image format. The disadvantage of taking photos in JPG is you can’t get the transparency it means, the background is overexposed but you want to decrease the exposure in the background you can’t decrease the light of the background. Otherwise, JPG Format is Commonly Used. As I mentioned before, when you capture the photos in JPG the quality decreased. Whenever you saved while editing the photos, the quality of the Photos decreased or reduced the quality. Those reductions are seen on mobile or computer screens. When you print those photos you’ll identify the quality is reduced. Another advantage of using JPG is you can compress it or you can optimize it and used it on a website or else. If you don’t care about quality, you can compress around from 20 MB to 1 MB. If you want to use the photo for the website, you can generally use the JPG format photos. If you want to use it for printing, JPG Format is not the Best Image Format for Quality.

What is GIF?


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Generally, I had mentioned before on JPF Explanation, The Quality of  JPG format photos is reduced or Lose. In GIF Format the quality won’t be reduced. The difference between JPG & GIF is, We can use GIF for Animation. We can take the benefit from GIF. We can take the transparency on GIF. The disadvantage of GIF is that the color depth is about only 8-bit. We can create the animation using JPG format Image with the help of GIF Format. This much Is the difference between JPG & GIF. As we increasing the layers on GIF, the quality won’t be reduced but the size will increase. Currently, GIF is not used by People.

What is PNG?


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. Earlier, PNG Format was used to interchange the data through the internet. We can take the transparency on PNG Format. We can take the transparency on GIF Format but the color depth of GIF is fewer where PNG Format has 8-bit and 24-bit color. The color and shades will be as it is. We can remove the background from the PNG Format photos. We can make the image transparent. In PNG Format we can blend into any other picture. For this, you have to convert the image into a PNG format. It is important. PNG Format can’t compress as like JPG Format. PNG Format has limitations. Whenever you blend two or more images on Photoshop you have to make the image transparent then you can blend them with each other. Maybe you have seen the manipulation photos, the layer like cloud, Tree is first converted into PNG Format then applied on JPG Format Image. PNG Format is a useful particular format. PNG is not so standard so PNG is not used for animation. You want to make you can make it. PNG is the Best Image Format for the Quality.

Today’s date JPG format is mostly used by the peoples than GIF & PNG. I hope you understand the explanation of JPG, PNG & GIF, and which is the Best format for Quality you should use. Don’t forget to Read More Blogs.


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