Best Cable Operators in Nepal 2021


Nowadays In Nepal, cable operators are increasing day by day. A general people may be confused about which cable operators are good for them. To resolve the confusion on this statement this blog is written.


Today we’ll be discussing Best Cable Operators in Nepal. We’ll be comparing the Nepal Top 5 Cable operator services together to help to recognize the Best Cable Operators for you. We’ll be comparing:

We’ll be compared them according to the Prices, Availability and Qualities Aspects.


While Comparing according to the Price Aspects, the user must careful about two things:

  • One Time Setup Box Cost
  • Monthly Cost

The prices are listed on Table Below for 1 Time Setup Box Cost:

S.NCable OperatorsCost (Rs.)Offers on Yearly Contract (Rs.)
1.Dish Home4000No Offer
2.Via TV38902195
3.Clear TV2500No Offer
4.Prabhu TV2000No Offer
5.MAX TV565Free

The Cheapest Cable Operator for 1-time setup box is Max TV and Expensive is Dish Home. May be Due to the Umbrella Antenna Dish Home becomes the Expensive. If you choose yearly subscription Max TV provides Free of cost installation it means you don’t have to pay Installation charge where Via TV charge Rs. 2195 for installation if the user chooses the yearly subscription.

Nowadays maybe a single home has more than one T. V., so these cable operators provide the service to connect up to 4 T.V at once. For this service, you have to pay the 1-time setup box cost with a minimum monthly fee. Check out the pricing table below:

S. NCable OperatorsCost (Rs.)
1.Dish Home3000
2.Via TV2825
3.Clear TV2500
4.Prabhu TV2000
5.Max TV1130

The prices of MAX TV is Cheaper comparing to the other cable operators. Let me tell you, Only Prabhu TV and Via Tv Provides the Premium Package. Check out the Premium Monthly Package below table:

S. NCable OperatorsMonthly Cost (Rs.)
1.Dish Home700
2.Clear TV700
3.MAX TV500
4.Via TV395
5.Prabhu TV350

These Cable operators provide the yearly subscription offer where Prabhu TV provides the best Offer nowadays.  If you’re setting up cable on your home for the first time. Comparing to those cable operator MAX TV is best cable operators for you which is cheaper in Pricing Aspects:

MAX TV Monthly Cost

Setup Box CostRs. 565
Installtion ChargeRs. 500
First Month CostRs. 500
TotalRs. 1,560

For the Long Term [1 Year], Prabhu TV is the Best Cable operator in pricing aspects:

Setup Box CostRs. 2000
Installtion ChargeRs. 500
1 Year Subscription FeeRs. 3500 with 4 Month Free
TotalRs. 6000

Via TV or Net TV will be cheaper for you if you’re existing customer of Vianet or Worldlink internet service Provider because they provide the bundle service of internet and TV.


On Coverage Aspects, we’ll be discussing which places these Cable Operators provided the service. Dish Home Remains in the First Position in Coverage Aspects because this operator provides the service with Direct to Home (DTH) through satellite to Home. Using DTH Service user can transmit the data from Direct Home to Satellite. So, Dish Home can be set up in Rural Places of Nepal. Earlier, while streaming and raining Dish Home get trouble during receiving the signal nowadays, it fixes. After the Coverage of the Dish Home, Clear TV has more Coverage Area. Clear TV has a Head office in Kathmandu and has each branch on each provenance of Nepal. The coverage of Via TV is available where the connection of Vianet and Worldlink connection is available. Prabhu TV is available only on Chitwan, Kathmandu, Kaski, Morang, Dhankuta, Sunsari. This operator provides DTT Service. To use Prabhu TV the user have to purchase only an indoor antenna.

Picture Quality

The main aspect of this cable operator is Picture Quality. We’ll be discussing how this cable operator provides Picture Quality. You couldn’t recognize the difference if you’re watching less than 30 inches of television. Watching on 43 inches of Television, the Picture Quality of Dish Home and Clear is Better than other Cable Operators. Prabhu Tv is the third Best in Picture Quality. The negative aspects of the IP TVs are the channels are played 30 seconds slower compared to the other cable TV.

Number of Channels

On Channels Aspects, Clear TV & MAX TV Provides the 300+ Channels where other operates providers less than 300. You can check the number of Channels on the below table:

S. NCable OperatorsTotal ChannelsHD Channels
1.MAX TV301117
2.Clear TV30087
3.Via TV25175
4.Dish Home21353
5.Prabhu TV14756

Extra Features

On Features Aspects, MAX TV Provides the huge amount of features like:

  • Without the Internet, a user can access youtube and Educational Videos.
  • Catchup Feature is available where a user can watch the Missed Content.
  • On Max TV, the User can change the Language while watching the channels.

In the end, if you want the Best Picture Quality we recommend you to choose, Clear TV & Dish Home which is expensive to others. On Pricing Aspects, Prabhu TV is the Best Option for you. If you’re an existing user of Vianet or Worldlink better you choose, Via TV or NETTV. These are the Review of Best Cable Operators in Nepal.



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